All I wanted to do was eat my Froot Loops

Work is off to a hopping good start today.  I got in a little earlier than usual (woo hoo!), checked messages, fixed myself a bowl of Froot Loops and sat at my desk to enjoy. Spoon in hand and loaded with fruity goodness when all holy hell breaks loose. One of my coworkers is having a heart attack. Thank goodness, I was blessed with calm under pressure. We all spring into action, but there is complete and utter chaos. People talking over people and nothing getting done. It was kinda like the movies.

An attorney and I quickly sized up the situation and got everything organized. He gets someone to call 9-1-1; I tell one of the guys to get the oxygen and defibrillator; the attorney tells all the excessive bodies to go away; and I go downstairs to let the front desk know we have a medical emergency and send the paramedics up right away.

When the paramedics started asking questions about her medication, she didn’t know their names because her doctor had just changed her medication.  She did, however, get them filled at the CVS down the street. I called to get the names of the medication. I told the young lady straight away that I was calling on behalf of the patient because she is having a cardiac event. And bless the little girls heart on the phone, she kept telling me she couldn’t release the information to me and if she could speak to the patient.

“No, you can’t talk to the patient because as I stated earlier she’s having a heart attack and can’t talk. The paramedics are here and need to know her medications.”

Finally, the fire department’s Captain came over and advised her that he needed the information now because they’re about to leave and they need as much information as possible to provide to the doctors. The young lady finally relinquished the information and my coworker is on her way to the hospital.

After a couple of coworkers and I clean up what was left behind and put everything back into place, I sit down at my desk my Froot Loops are soggy and totally inedible. Down the drain they go.

“Damnit! V-,” I say as I turn on the garbage disposal. “You sure know how to keep a girl on her toes.”

One thought on “All I wanted to do was eat my Froot Loops

  1. Don’t you hate that? When I volunteer on the ambulance I never expect to eat something at the right temperature, texture, or time. But then I’ll just be driving to work, coffee in hand, and end up stopping at a wreck. There’s nothing more disappointing than that first sip of stone cold coffee!


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