Shots do to hurt

I’m not a parent,  so I can’t begin to give parenting advice, but (haha just negated the first part of the sentence) what I will say is stop telling your child shots don’t hurt. They do.

I’m sitting in the allergist as I do every other Saturday and every other Saturday there’s some parent who’s telling their child, “oh it won’t hurt.” And all the while their child is bawling his/her little eyes out and saying, “yes it will.”

Welp, shots do hurt. I grew up in and out of doctors offices and getting shots for this, that and the other, and I’ll be damned I haven’t met a needle that didn’t hurt. I tense up every time I get my Xolair injection and my flu shot and when they have to draw blood.

My suggestion be honest and tell them it will hurt for a moment. I’ve seen/heard parents do that and their mini-mes calmed down a little. Granted they were still crying, but they weren’t bucking like Broncos and the parents weren’t trying to hog tie ’em.

Or even still remember when you were told it wouldn’t hurt and you tried to tell them it would. You may have screamed “you lied!” Oh, let me speak for myself on that one. I cried, kicked and hollered like someone was trying to kill me until one day a nurse told me it would hurt — at least a little. As a result I was slightly less psychotic.

Try it next time your mini-me has to get a shot.

Speak your peace . . .

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