Day 4: Zero to Hero — Explore your neighborhood

I missed the Day 4 Zero to Hero challenge, but here it is. I’ve explored my neighborhood

I try my very best to get around to the all the blogs I follow and sometimes it’s hard to look for new ones. Here a few that I find interesting.

  1. From One Crazy Life to Another is “blogging about things I find frustrating or nerve wracking or downright confusing to maybe help someone in the same situation as I am.”
  2. Adventures & Thought Bubbles is a new blog, but from what I can tell it’s very promising.  It’s has some typical teenage angst and her Thought Bubbles are quite thought-provoking
  3. Box of Attachments — who doesn’t need to let go of things. Box of Attachements is one woman’s journey to pay homage and say goodbye to the things that clutter her life. I found Box of Attatchments through searching the Zero to Hero tag.
  4. The Ordinary Citizen has been around for nearly 3 years and is in the process of shifting away from talking about politics and wants to talk about more. From the posts I’ve read thus far The Ordinary Citizen has a dry and wicked sense of humor, which I like and from time-to-time employs a bit of sarcasm. I found The Ordinary Citizen through searching the Zero to Hero tag.
  5. Sourcer stopped by my blog and liked a few posts and of course I had to check out Sourcer’s blog.  It’s, as he puts it, “a blog devoted to pop culture, humor, the social sciences, and geekery.” I’ve enjoyed reading the posts on this blog as well as the others he’s associated with.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Zero to Hero — Explore your neighborhood

  1. Thanks so much for following This Ordinary Citizen. I just followed you as well, and I look forward to reading your blog, too.

    I’d add something witty, humorous or sarcastic… but my brain is just fried.

    Thanks again!


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