Sound Off

I heard about this last year on the Dr. Oz Show and did a bit of research on this and am truly concerned. I’m not just concerned about the health implications but also the what this does to our already unstable job market.

The USDA has approved that chickens raised and slaughtered in the U.S. and Canada will be sent to China for processing. The chicken will be processed into chicken nuggets, soup, patties, wings, etc.).

Since 2007 the USDA has raised concerns regarding China’s food processing plants and standards. The U.S. has imported tainted baby formula, milk products, food with illegal dyes, bean curd with insect filth and a host of other food processing concerns.

What makes the USDA think that things will change now? Well, according to Arianne Perkins, USDA public affairs specialist, “All this means is that we’ve deemed China’s poultry processing equivalent to the process in the United States.”

Are you frackin’ kidding me? The USDA has a 37 page document that talks about food safety issues and consuming foods processed in China. Within in this document the FDA cites harmful pesticide residues and pathogens in Chinese food shipments. According to the USDA’s document the FDA has been issuing import alerts on food stuffs coming from China.

According to Perkins, the U.S. will not be monitoring or testing these processing plants that they have approved our chickens be sent to, but they will do some increased testing. And to add even more salt to the proverbial wound no country-of origin labels are required, so consumers won’t know where their chicken is coming from.

Sound off and tell us how feel about the USDA/FDA putting your health at risk.

Click the links below to read the Dr. Oz story and the 2009 USDA report

Watch the Dr. Oz video

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