Tis the Season

I have a love hate relationship with the Christmas holiday.  Here are the top three reasons I love Christmas and the top three reason I don’t like Christmas.

I love Christmas because of:

Family: I get to see family that I don’t have an opportunity to see during the year.  We reminisce and make new memories.  The laughing, the joking, the stories.  Meeting and getting to know the newer members of the family. Cooking together and eating and playing games.

Christmas songs: My favorites are The Temptations version of Silent Night and Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby and Elmo Patsy’s Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

Holiday lights: Going around to see the various holiday light shows is always spectacular.  I just went to Zoo Lights (loved it!) and Brookside Gardens, Garden of Lights (awesome!).  In spite of the reasons I don’t particularly care for Christmas, seeing the light displays always puts me in a festive mood.

I’m not a fan of Christmas because:

The Hype: Nowadays the kids aren’t even back to school before advertisers start pushing Christmas.  It seems as if we have skipped the natural progression of holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas).  I’ve seen Christmas decorations go up in October. How depressing.


People put themselves in debt: I worked finance for a long time and every year right after the Christmas holidays I was with approving or denying loans for thousands of dollars worth of Christmas debt. And the loans would be paid off in enough time for them to turn around to do it again. Really people come on.

Santa: To be perfectly honest I never liked Santa.  There’s something unnerving about a fat man in a red velvet suit, with a long snow-white beard, who lives somewhere in the far reaches of the North Pole, knows if I’ve been good or bad, and manages to shimmy his fat butt down a skinny chimney to deliver toys to lots of boys and girls.  As a child I found that just a wee bit creep-tastic and slightly implausible.

A side note if you scramble his name it spells Satan.  Not cool. Not cool at all.

Speak your peace . . .

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